Well, hello there.


Hi, hello. It's me... Kolbi. I'm a real human, eager to share my ideas with you. I enjoy all aspects of art. I like to try new things. Sometimes those things turn out great; other times they turn out completely different than I intended... but also great. Let's make cool stuff together. Things will get real good, real fast.

Art is in all of you; take a look around. Everything you see was created by a beautiful mind. I want to share in the beauty of what our minds can see and dream up, and how others perceive it in their own minds... creating more cues of inspiration and undiscovered passion.

It was so nice of you to drop by. You're awesome. If you're feelin' it and want to get together, click the contact tab and fill out the form. I'll be there... somewhere on the other end, so hop to it my friend.  The water is warm.

You can also visit my Etsy shop... for some quick artsy downloads. Abstract paintings coming to the shop soon!

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